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We help you celebrate one of life's biggest days with one great little party.


Our company was founded by cooks who love food. Little Nelly keeps that love at the core of our mission, and has built a system around it to offer a great menu with even better value.


Our servers are the face of our company to your guests. We offer friendly, attentive servers who are responsive and efficient.


We embrace the power of technology to make everything easier. We have an intuitive online user interface for booking, and a host of dynamic online resources to make planning as easy as possible.

I just want our wedding to be one really rad party– with super delicious food.

-- does this sound like you... --

Dinner + Service = Boom. Done.

It's (almost) as simple as that.

We’re a new type of catering company. We believe that there is beauty in efficiency, and so we’ve created a menu that adapts with the seasons, but stays true to it’s mission of offering great food at a reasonable price*. For more info on any of the items below, please see the FAQ.

*please note this reasonable price is $65 + sales tax*

What's Included

These items are included with every Little Nelly event:
  • Seasonal Dinner Menu
  • Friendly, Attentive Service
  • All SERVING Platters and Utensils
  • Easy, No-Hassle Online Ordering
  • Access To Our DIY Planning Tools and Calculators for Rentals and Alcohol Purchases

What's Available

These are all services we offer, in addition to the $65 package price:
  • Bartending Services
  • Non-Alcoholic Bar Package (includes sodas, sparkling water, juices, garnishes, napkins and straws)
  • Pre-Ceremony Beverages
  • Mini Desserts
  • Homestyle Wedding Cakes
  • Vendor Meals
  • Kids Meals

What's Not Included

We don’t provide these services, but are happy to suggest people who do:
  • Substitutions, Modifications, Customizations
  • Alcohol Sales
  • Event Rentals
  • Heavy Lifting (Please definitely see the FAQ for questions on this one))

Sound like your kind of party?

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A little praise

  • I just wanted to write to say “thank you” for the lovely meal on our hitch.  Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to since mentioned the food  - and I’ve even had people say that it was the best wedding food they’d ever had!

    Sarana Mehra, client
  • Did you open Little Nelly just for us? Because it was exactly what we were looking for and everything tonight was perfect.

    Sara Cooley, client
  • Everything was wonderful. We couldn’t have been happier.

    James Valent

Frequently Asked

We know this is a kinda new concept in catering, but have no fear! let us answer some of your most common questions about Little Nelly Catering.

Little Nelly is a company born from the common refrain of, “we just want our wedding to feel like a really great party.” We know there are a lot of people out there who just want really delicious food, without breaking the bank, and that’s our time to shine. We’re not a “bargain” caterer, that’s not the goal. The goal is providing the very best VALUE for clients looking for delicious, seasonally driven menus.
From the start, Whoa Nelly was designed to be a way for clients to have the very best, custom, farm-to-table catering. Little Nelly is a riff on that, but offers the farm-to-table feel, in a slightly more streamlined package. The main difference being that we don’t allow any customizations in the Little Nelly menus. If you want 6 appetizers and late night snacks, we’re totally happy to refer you to the team at Whoa Nelly Catering, who will be happy to put together that custom menu for you.
Little Nelly offers both Buffet and Family-Style Service. We love plated dinners, but if you do too, we’ll be happy to recommend that you check out Whoa Nelly Catering.
Little Nelly is designed to embrace the spirit of seasonal menus, and to that end, we leave a lot of room for our chef to be inspired by the best ingredients available at the time. We do not guarantee or specify any ingredients more than a week in advance of the event, but trust that our “chefs choice” will always be the very best of what’s around.
We will provide up to 12 vegetarian meals included in your dinner price. These are served as a plated dish to guests who are identified as vegetarians in advance. We will also do our best to accommodate other special dietary considerations, if alerted in advance.
Little Nelly holds group tastings at various venues around town, every 2-3 weeks, depending on demand. These will alternate between weeknights and weekends, to try and best accommodate various schedules. Email us for a calendar of upcoming tasting dates and times.
Absolutely. Our pricing includes service staff on site for 10 hours. Should your event require more of our time on site, we will be happy to add the additional labor hours to your estimate as needed. Staffing varies based on the duration/location/needs of your wedding, and we will handle making sure that we are appropriately staffed to provide excellent service.
Our $65 price does not include bartenders, but we’re happy to provide them, if needed. We can also recommend a number of excellent outside beverage service companies, should you be looking for a more bespoke cocktail program.
Nope. Well, that’s not entirely true. We can offer recommended guidelines, based on our typical experience with this type of thing, but you know your crowd much better than we do! Do you have a ton of fraternity brothers in attendance, or is it mostly your mom’s white wine drinking friends? (That’s a sterotype. Maybe your dad drinks white wine too, which is totally fine. Anyways.) We make our recommendations, but it’s always a good idea to check them against the recommendations of the person you’re actually buying the booze from. *NB: We don’t sell alcohol.*
We don’t technically provide ANY rentals. What we do provide are the platters and serving utensils needed to serve the dinner at the table or at the buffet. You can, however, use our handy rental guideline spreadsheet to help gauge what your needs might be.

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